Team Effectiveness

- ‘Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.’ Stephen Covey

Enhancing your team’s performance is an important part of unleashing better business success.

Aligned and high performing teams foster synergies and positive energy. This enhances their ability to drive innovation and contribute to value creation for the broader organisation.

There are two particular areas which we believe have the biggest impact:

New leader assimilation: Guide a manager with a new team to get off to the very best start

High performance teams: Facilitating teams through change and to enhance alignment, focus and collaboration around vision, purpose, values and strategic goals

The process always begins an assessment of team issues and desired improvements, drawing from a range of effective assessment options. Depending on a team’s development needs, this work can take a variety of forms, ranging from one off-site meeting to a series of customised team-coaching events.

Working together, we accelerate productivity and team performance by creating:

  1. Shared and compelling vision, mission and strategic framework

  2. Clear roles and decision making processes

  3. Challenging, realistic and aligned work plans and goals

  4. Collaborative working relationships and processes

  5. Team operating principles and agreements

  6. Understanding of the diverse and unique capabilities of the team

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