Systemic Leadership

- ‘The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths, making the weaknesses irrelevant’ Peter Drucker

Mastering your leader’s capabilities is critical to organisational success. Great leaders successfully harness their people’s engagement and creativity to continually evolve towards sustainable value creation.

Leadership is who you are, your way of being and how you show up; not what you are. Therefore leadership begins with being centred and aligned with yourself. Personal mastery is about going deeper with our personal development to harness the capacity of the whole person.

From this place of personal mastery leaders can engage in effective action with others. It enhances their ability to build trust and influence people to share common vision, goals, values and attitudes. Building on relationship mastery, leaders mobilise their people to effective action towards the achievement of the organisation’s vision and strategy.

Effective leadership therefore is more than building a skill. It is not taught, it is learned through experience, self reflection, mindset, knowledge and practice.

Our leadership coaching and learning modules are far more than simply learning a set of tools and techniques. Our integral and blended approach requires each individual to review current models of thinking, operating and interacting. It encourages them to reflect on their current challenges and effectiveness of their personal style and ways of working; recognising where it is working for, or against them. From there we support them in exploring new perspectives and possibilities for action that increase their effectiveness on an individual, team and organisational level.

Aspects of our blended learning approach are:

  1. Modularised programs with content on leadership theory, processes and skills

  2. Experiential activities and exercises

  3. Working on real issues and challenges they face

  4. Individual exercise and personal reflection

  5. Group discussions and experience exchange with other leaders

  6. Integral coaching and action learning between programs

  7. Plans for integration into their daily work

We offer a series of tailored and experiential leadership programs and integral coaching to enhance and sustain leadership learnings. They focus on leadership mastery and can be adapted to the individual and organisational needs.

Academy for Positive Change - Overdrevsvej 9 - 4340 Tølløse - Denmark - +45 61209126
- Building Leadership Intelligence
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Systemic Leadership
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