- We help you build individual and organisational success

We provide assessments with the tools that we have found most helpful in our consulting, coaching, and training services to clients so that you can use feedback to become better people and leaders.

How it works

Whether you're a front line sales manager with the tenacity of a terrier or a Sales Director with a sales force that goes into the thousands, Lumina Sales will have applications you can learn, and use for life. For example someone who is doing new business will be looking for ways in which they could create a rapport quickly and understand their client's needs. If you are in Sales Management then you will be better equipped to motivate your staff to work towards a common vision. You will also be able to make the best use of the wide array of talents which your sales team possess. You can take their different approaches and show them how to collaborate - Lumina Sales will show you how.

Why would other people benefit from Lumina Sales?

They say anyone can sell something for free, but how do you make sure you negotiate the best price that is fair to all parties. The ability to negotiate and understand what are the real drivers for a client or client organization are highly valued. Being able to get repeat business and more of it is more than lots of arm waving, but rather a deeper understanding of your customer's needs and wants. Lumina Sales will put you into this mental framework.

How will this help improve sales in my organization?

By improving your ability to 'speed read' people you will be better prepared to suit your communications, presentations, pitches and proposals to the client's requirements.

Lumina Sales is a dedicated sales model combined with psychological insights and demonstrates how you can have a unified approach to sales.

Sales people will know they have support from their managers for the diversity of their personal approaches in the sales process.

Sales managers will know that they will be able to motivate their sales people and keep them focused.

How is this different to other products in the market?

Unlike other sales dedicated products on the market Lumina Sales illustrates the value of every type of person/personality within the sales community and we encourage diversity.

Certain sales models encourage their users to manipulate and influence their clients to come around to their way of thinking through subtle suggestion and misinformation. With Lumina we value integrity.

Lumina Sales encourages its learners to build relationships with their clients to encourage trust and development opportunities through future projects and shows you how to do so through practical workshops. We know the long term is the only one that counts.

Brands live and die by every point of customer engagement; Lumina Sales teaches you how to build meaningful relationships of shared value.

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