- We help you build individual and organisational success

We provide assessments with the tools that we have found most helpful in our consulting, coaching, and training services to clients so that you can use feedback to become better people and leaders.

How it works

Your personal feelings can help or hinder your ability to provide effective leadership. Throughout your experience with Lumina Leader you will be given:

  1. Opportunities to explore your ability to cope with situations you may have struggled with in the past

  2. Ideas on how to adapt your leadership style

  3. Goals for the future and how you would like your leadership style to develop

  4. Lumina Leader is customized to suit your organization's needs precisely.

  5. Lumina Learning utilises a bespoke model that allows us to incorporate our client's perspective of leadership into our products.

  6. This helps to ensure that we not only keep within Lumina Learning's ethos of customer driven products, we also provide products that are 'in tune' with our client's philosophy.

Lumina Leader was created to nurture leadership to its highest level by identifying a 12 month learning process for leaders. This process is designed with input from an organization's CEO, management executive and leadership recruitment process:

  1. Pre and post skill evaluation

  2. Core curriculum workshop modules

  3. Action learning tied to key curriculum objectives

  4. Online Support and e-learning

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