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We offer as one of the very few in Scandinavia the Lumina Spark personal development tool, the Lumina Leader development tool, the Lumina Team overview and the Lumina Sales assessment.

Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is highly personal, holistic and enriching tool that builds on your strengths. Lumina Spark provides highly interactive and fun experiences in which learners explore who they are, using an individualized psychometric profile tool called a Lumina Portrait. It provides a colourful framework for better self understanding and helps people identify how to improve their working relationships with others. By applying the Lumina Spark model, learners can unlock many business benefits.

Lumina Leader

Lumina Leader is available either as a self assessment or as a 360. It is a powerful way to help you and your organisation to harnass exactly what makes your brand of leadership distinct from others. People can be leaders in title and yet not display the attributes of leadership; conversely there are those who don't have these titles, and do express these qualities anyhow. Lumina Leader equips you with tools to aid you in leading others by understanding about the people within your group. Everyone has their own unique leadership style and there will be times when you have to adjust that style to suit the situation and the group.

Lumina Team

The Lumina Team profile shows exactly where you fit in your team and which traits most make up the team profile. In a snapshot you can see the distribution of personality preferences. You can see at a glance the strong traits and characteristics within a group as well as potential blind spots. Patterns start to emerge revealing both potential strengths and development opportunities within the team. At an individual level, you can then see where and how you fit in the team.

Lumina Sales

Whether you're a front line sales manager with the tenacity of a terrier or a Sales Director with a sales force that goes into the thousands, Lumina Sales will have applications you can learn, and use for life. For example someone who is doing new business will be looking for ways in which they could create a rapport quickly and understand their client's needs. If you are in Sales Management then you will be better equipped to motivate your staff to work towards a common vision. You will also be able to make the best use of the wide array of talents which your sales team possess. You can take their different approaches and show them how to collaborate - Lumina Sales will show you how.

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