Leadership Development

- ‘Learning is not compulsory.... neither is survival!’ Edward Deming

Companies need evolving and highly evolved leaders if they intend to collaborate and compete in today's dynamic environment. The Academy for Positive Change platform moves people forward in a framework designed for success. Our framework consists of a series of integrated building blocks targeted at the various employee segments of your company.

Building leaders is not a 'magic bullet' that occurs with one training course. At the Academy for Positive Change, we take an holistic view of development and growth. Our model for development is flexible. Leadership programs can be concentrated 3-day interventions or spread across many months to allow for application and practice that sustains the participant's learning and maximizes your training budget's ROI and capitalizes on behavioural change. In developing leaders, what works with one person does not necessarily work with another. Each requires an approach attuned to his or her strengths and challenges.

The Academy for Positive Change has a suite of learning and development products available. We deliver these products by employing a learning methodology that facilitates emotional intelligence and positive change and use an individual strengthbased approach. We are unique in this approach as we assess all our trainees before we train them, by giving them the Lumina Spark tool.

Learning & Development
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