Interim Management

- We help you build individual and organisational success

We enable our clients to clearly see the current state of their organisation, envision an organisational environment characterized by increased capacity, capability, and competency, and make that vision a reality. We integrate whole systems change management, and positive change at every step of the way.

We build leadership development programs for individuals and organisations and ensure that behaviours are changed.

Our additional value is that we develop the people around us instead of ‘just’ delivering on deliverables. Our main aim is that the learning in the organisation continues and stays where it should be: within your organisation!

What is Interim Management ?

Interim Management involves the temporary deployment of an external manager with a focused mission. The Interim Manager provides additional expertise to strengthen the company, which creates added value for the client. There are no emotional ties to the company, allowing efficient and business operates. Moreover, deployment of an Interim Manager is costeffective: pay per hour . As a result, the cost is lower than for a manager with similar qualifications on the pay - roll.

Interim Management in practice

In practice, a number of types of Interim Management , the two most important three are :

General management : temporary replacement of the entire management function with overall final responsibility on policy and management issues. The reasons: bridging due to illness or departure, the implementation of a restructuring or downsizing, the development and implementation of a new strategy.

Change Management: the realization of a new organizational structure and / or culture.

The reasons: building and motivating a new organization after the consolidation or merger, or in the implementation of new procedures and / or systems in existing organizations.

Policy Management: performing the management tasks .

The reasons : the temporary addition of specific know-how, the realization of new activities (differentiation or diversification ) or ad hoc solutions at an unexpected gap in the business.

Benefits Interim Management

The deployment of an Interim Manager is effective because it is paid per hour;

The Interim Manager provides additional expertise to strengthen the company;

The Interim Manager can efficiently operate business because she has no emotional ties to the company;

The Interim Manager has extensive experience with similar issues and organizations, thereby obtaining quick overview and insight;

The Interim Manager is aware of organizational interests and is not there for their own career interests.

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Interim management
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