Dialogue Team

- We help you build individual and organisational success

We provide assessments with the tools that we have found most helpful in our consulting, coaching, and training services to clients so that you can use feedback to become better people and leaders.

Dialogue Team

Dialogue Team provides a new, radical and refreshing way of measuring and developing team performance through communication. Dialogue Team is a product of Humap Ltd.

There is one important thing that the Dialogue Team measurement and its report are able to do, that is to change the understanding of what the efficient use of time is. In our process of helping management teams to work better, the role of that report is same as it should be in most of management teams’ work. It brings the language and understanding about current situations. With this new critical business information, with amazing ease we help management teams to re-align their role in organization and way they use their time.

With a 360 degree camera we look at the way your team functions and we will give you clear feedback and ideas on how to increase the efficiency in your team.

Academy for Positive Change - Holbækvej 67 - 4420 Regstrup - Denmark - +45 61209126
- Building Leadership Intelligence
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