Culture Strategy

- High performing teams drive performance

In an increasingly complex, high paced world, where globalisation, technology, and human capital require more and more from today's leaders; organisation is the key which enables businesses to act with speed and agility. At the Academy for Positive Change we believe that a highly effective organisation can be a source of competitive advantage. Our work is based on the principle that organisations are complex and dynamic systems, wherein the critical element is, of course, the people.

We help with organisational transformations and specific related engagements.

Organisational transformation means organisational realignment to meet the needs of a new strategy or (de-)regulation. It also includes specific engagements focused on helping our clients improve particular areas of their organisational system. Examples are leadership team effectiveness, competency management, measures and incentives, building and sustaining a high performance organisation and implementing effective change.

Do your employees understand how they contribute to your strategy?
Aligning people around your business strategy is often compared to conducting an orchestra, or better still, to coaching a football team. Comparisons that often fall short of the true complexities, dimensions and variables you need to influence to successfully align the people around the flag. The Academy for Positive Change helps you more effectively manage your human capital investments to meet operational and financial expectations. We help you align employee targets, accountabilities, performance metrics, performance previews and reward systems with clear, tangible business results. Enabling you to directly relate your employees short and long term performance objectives to your business strategy - in a focussed way.

Building a high-performance organisation that drives performance.
Your performance management system — from goal setting to recognition and rewards — needs to align employees’ goals with well-defined value drivers for the business and give clear targets and accountabilities. We help create that alignment by defining the key strategic imperatives, deployment vehicles to drive the imperatives to the front line, defining the key actions and behaviors required for the expected results, creating a clear line of sight for all individual employees from their key actions to the strategic imperatives and top and bottom line results. Delivering higher performing employees who are motivated to make a difference because they understand the impact of their performance on business results.

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- Building Leadership Intelligence
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