Positive Change Management

‘Be the change you want to see in this world.’ Mahatma Ghandi

Our approach is very much focussed on what has traditionally been labelled the “soft stuff”. We focus on people and their motivation, creativity and commitment. We focus on leadership and it’s ability to change, develop, inspire and grow people.

In a world of immense competition, where products and services are commodities and offer less and less competitive advantage, we are convinced that this soft stuff is and always has been the vital differentiator. The soft stuff is the hard stuff because it deals with the complexity, interact ability and awe-inspiring potential of human beings.

At the Academy for Positive Change we believe passionately in people. We excel in aligning individuals’ attitudes and behaviours behind your business goals and objectives. We give equal attention to the processes of your business and the way people treat each other and behave. We provide solutions that bring about positive and sustainable change in the way people do things. Our programmes and interventions transform the need to do things differently into the desire to do things differently.

As change specialists, we will work in partnership with you to build high performing teams of people who thrive in times of change which will save you time and money in the long run. The Academy for Positive Change will build you a customised program that:

  1. Builds trust

  2. Reduces silo thinking

  3. Supports teams to take ownership and develop solutions together

  4. Provides teams with the skills and processes to implement successful change.

To create successful change we work at three levels:

  1. Developing your skills: Working at an individual level, we help people to become great at what they do. Through dedicated leadership and management training programs we will work with you to strengthen and enhance your management and leadership skills; helping you to create successful change in your organisation.

  2. Building your team: Through open and honest dialogue and by working on real business projects, team building takes on a whole new perspective. Your team will build trust and respect and work more effectively together to increase productivity and improve the bottom line. Setting direction, project planning, assessing priorities and monitoring progress will become business as usual.

  3. Growing your organisation: Organisations that embrace change reap the most benefits. Through effective and real change management, we can help your organisation to develop a culture that values and embraces change and rewards the people who create it. Learning comes from the doing and we will create a learning culture that encourages innovative thinking, applauds creativity and implements new initiatives to create successful change.

Our consultants come to you equipped with emotional intelligence and appreciative inquiry best practice and a whole systems approach to change management.  A whole systems approach is effective because it transforms the business by aligning internal systems with external forces and engages the hearts and minds of every person involved in the change.

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